If you are offering a service that can get fairly expensive, clients and customers may want to get an estimate before they commit to anything. Some of these estimates can be accessed by using a tool on websites, while other companies choose to send estimates when a potential customer sends an email enquiring about a specific service.

How to Offer Online Estimates

The way that you set up your estimate availability will depend on your business, but there are some easy ways to create those estimates using templates. You could try this template to see if you want to utilize this effortless way of sending professional estimates to customers.

Using an Estimate Template

The estimate template takes all of five minutes to fill out. There are empty spaces where you can add the name of the customer and their address, along with your company’s name and address. The estimate amount, date and descriptions can also be filled out.

This process should not take you more than a few minutes, and then you can preview the estimate before you send it out. There are a few options to send this estimate, as you can send via email, create a PDF or print out the estimate to deliver it to a customer.

Customizing Estimate Templates

There are a few customization options available for these estimate templates, such as adding a logo, PO box number, changing the date format, and adjusting the currency. It is also possible to use English or French as the primary language, which means that Canadian and French companies can also use this template.

If you are unhappy with how your estimates are currently being created and sent out to potential customers you may want to give this free printable estimate template a try. It could make everything so much easier for your employees, and it could even get you more business from those potential customers.